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§Ó??Your Success Our Achievement§Ó??

Study Solution is a renowned and well-established educational institute that is offering all time best educational guidance with the best quality teacher for a bright and successful future for the students.From the year 2010 , We are a sole proprietorship organization that works under the guidance of our founder §Ó??Mrs. Rupa Mitra Dey§Ó?? who is a well known figure in the field of education for more than 13 years. We work hard to provide most excellent teacher for improving students performance, through quality teaching and better guidance and menitoring. We are always improving ourselves by including latest techno logics and features to make an institute where students can learn, grow and proper because we believe, §Ó?? Your Success Our Achievement§Ó??

Why Study Solution

Best Education with Best Teacher

  • Brief Knowledge on the subject topic.
  • 100% result oriendented teaching.
  • Online examination for students.
  • Mathematics worksheet other than school books.
  • 100% project support with printing & Xerox.
  • Appropriate study material.
  • One-to-one doubt clear session.
  • Extra classes.
  • Specialist faculties.
  • Support of different language classes.
  • Good and safe ambience for students.
  • Parents- Teacher meeting within a given interval to inform the parents about student§Ó??s progress.

Our Facilities

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Best Tutior

§Ó??Study Solution Coaching Centre§Ó?? provides well qualified and expended teaching staff to provide good knowledge about the topic they are studying.


Online Classes

§Ó??Study Solution Coaching Centre§Ó?? also provides online classes. For online classes you can fill up the form from contact us. Student can also join us through our you tube channel §Ó??RUPASTUDY SOLUTION§Ó??.


Online Exam

Student can take online exams through our online exam portal you just need to register with us.


Mock Test

After completing each chapter, students are eligible for taking mock tests at the institute.


make the better career

We believe, §Ó?? Your Success Our Achievement§Ó??

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